On Saturday, May 30th, 2015 our immediate family (Mark, Taylor, Morgan, Hadyn and myself) drove up to camp for the weekend. We remember with vivid detail the drive to camp that day and the boat ride up river.

We lit the newly built sauna and went inside to have lunch – homemade French onion soup – one of his favorites. In fact, he had two heaping bowls!

That afternoon, there was a light drizzle and the five of us took a sauna. Ironically enough, we had a deep conversation about ‘when it is your time’. Hadyn had much to say, and informed us that the human soul has an actual weight to it. He had read this in his continuous love of research and knowledge.

Hadyn enjoying his last sauna with twin sisters, Taylor and Morgan.

Hadyn enjoying his last sauna with twin sisters, Taylor and Morgan.

In the early evening, the most beautiful sunset appeared. Mark and Hadyn went out on the deck and enjoyed this sunset together – father and son.

Thankfully a family member with a cottage nearby snapped a photo of this exact sunset. We love that there are four beams of light surrounding the sun in this photo – Hadyn being the bright and beautiful sun and Mark, Taylor, Morgan and myself being the four beams of light.

Later that night, Hadyn went to bed and never woke up. With his twin sisters and his best friends nearby in the loft, Hadyn quietly passed at his heaven on earth.

As we continue to walk through the fire of grief, we cling to our strong and loving support system. We encourage people to share memories about Hadyn with us. We need to keep his memory close and his spirit alive.